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The FaceOn™ Integrated Communications Platform delivers a unique way of "Sending and Receiving" valuable digital information during live outgoing and incoming calls.  FaceOn’s patent pending technology overcomes the limitations of today’s caller ID.  Now callers can exchange information during live calls all on the same screen, simultaneously.


Business Card

FaceOn allows you to toggle between your Personal Digital Persona for outgoing calls and your Professional Digital Personal for a more conservative look for outgoing calls.



Callers have complete control of their Digital Persona™ by inviting family, friends, and colleagues to view their images, Social Network profiles, Tweets and other dynamic information about each caller all during live "Outgoing” and “Incoming" calls.

Integration of Mobile Devices

with Landline Phones

FaceOn Mobile not only delivers your Digital Persona to mobile devices, but now gives callers access to your Digital Persona even when they call your landline.

Visual Call Log

with Dynamic, Rich Information


Your FaceOn Call Log comes alive even after you’ve missed a call.  Callers can now greet friends, family and colleagues with a smile and useful information about themselves without requiring any information to be preloaded into their Contacts.  This unique invitation also provides the option of allowing both "Outgoing” and “Incoming" callers to view each other’s social network profiles and other dynamic information about each caller from their call log without either party belonging to the other caller’s Social Networks.

Visual Contacts

with Dynamic Data Portals

Rich visual features come alive in just one touch.  FaceOn provides valuable information to both calling parties simultaneously whileeliminating the time consuming process of importing images and other contact information into "Contacts" one-by-one by either party. FaceOn’s user friendly interface allows incoming caller contact information and data to be transferred to Contacts with just “One Touch”.

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